Custom Door on Charming Atlanta Cottage

Jul 16, 2020


Robert G. contacted us to give him an estimate for a new entry door on the house he just purchased. He was having some issues with his 80 year old entry door system, which included a lot of air coming in through the gaps around his door. When we went to the property to inspect the door, we verified his concerns and found a few other issues. These issues included rotting trim on the outside, a jamb that looked like it had been kicked in a couple of times, and a door size that would have to be custom.


We were able to design and purchase a custom built door from ProVia that He and His wife loved. The new entry system fit perfectly in the opening and installed easily. Tim, Darren, and Cameron had to installed new trim on the inside and outside that had to be custom built in the field. Once the installation was finished, the new door looked beautiful and added a level of curb appeal that could not be achieved any other way.

Project Summary

Project Manager: Tim Sockwell

Installing Contractor: Visionaire Windows

Products Installed: ProVia Entry Door


“This is my second time using Visionaire Windows and this is the second time I've been overly satisfied!! Tim and his crew absolutely killed this install!! What was scheduled for 2 days was completed in 1 day but there is no part of me that thinks quality was compromised. His guys are very friendly, they over-communicated, and were extremely professional. I would strongly recommend this company. Great job Visionaire!!!”

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